Hearth & Home

Hearth & Home
  • 1118 Westwood Drive
  • Van Wert, OH, 45891
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One of 15 Senior Assisted Living Communities in Ohio and West Virginia owned and operated by Chancellor Senior Management, www.chancellorhealth.com.

We believe our community is the residents' home.  We are here by invitation to serve, to care, to nurture, and protect.  Residents should participate in life as much as they are able, and will be encouraged to be independent and self-sufficient.  We will provide the kind of options, opportunity, and care we expect our own loved ones to receive.  We believe enjoying well-balanced, home-cooked meals with friends in pleasant surroundings can enliven lives.  When needed, each resident will receive superior health care privately and discreetly.  Each rsident has peronal worth.  We will not allow this dignity to be diminished.  Each resident has a uniquie history.  Wer will respect their individuality and assist in maintaining it.  Warmth and love are infectious.  We will help them spread.  We belive humor can help us all and should enrich our time together.

Our core values are Customer Service, Hospitality, Invisible Healthcare in a Homelike Environment.  Our customers are our residents, their families, our staff, and the community we are located in.