CQT Kennedy

CQT Kennedy
  • 1260 Industrial Drive
  • Van Wert, OH, 45891
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We are CQT Kennedy, LLC located at 1260 Industrial Drive in Van Wert, OH.

We are owned and operated by the Cornwell Quality Tools Company, a privately held corporation based in Wadsworth, OH.

CQT Kennedy has 150-160 people in its employ.  The Van Wert Facility is the company's only location.

Although CQT Kennedy manufactures products for several trade disciplines, our primary customers are automototive technicians and machinists.

In 1911 Kennedy Manufacturing was founded in Fort Wayne, IN.  It moved to Van Wert, OH in 1913 and is proud to have been manufacturing products in this community for over 100 years.  In 2016 Kennedy was acquired by Cornwell Quality Toods, another 101- year old Ohio manufacturer.

CQT Kennedy produces high-quality tool storage products.  Our brown wrinkle roller cabinets and machinists' chests have been used in the metal working industry for over 80 years and we have a 30 year history of producing top-of-the line roller cabinets, canopies, and lockers for the vehicle servcies industry.

Like many other industries the changes within ours will most likely center around the integration of technology.  As the tools being stored within our products evolve, so too will the need for power integration, keyless entry, and other technology-based features.  We are most proud of our heritage and our reputation for building products with a legacy of durability and quality.

Our business offers employment opportunities to Van Wert and surrounding communities.  We have competitive starting wages, benefits and vacation accrual schedules.  We are poised for growth.  Over the last couple years, our facility has realized several significant capital equipment investments and we need skilled associates to help us reach our full potential.  Stop out and pick up an employment application today.