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Who We Are
Founded as the Central Mutual Insurance Company in 1876, the Central Insurance Group of companies has evolved into a successful property and casualty group operating on a strong foundation of core values including Integrity in the way we operate our business; Relationships we develop working as a team and sharing in each other's successes; and Excellence achieved by never compromising on quality, providing superior performance, and pursuing continual improvements. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our combined assets totaling over $2 billion and our A.M. Best rating of "A" Excellent. Central's companion stock company All America Insurance Company was established in April 1961 as an answer to the competitive pressures created by companies deviating from manual rates. Today, All America is a wholly-owned stock affiliate.

What We Do
Central writes premium coverage for hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses in 24 states. We are represented by your local independent agent and we strive to conduct our business in a friendly manner. We work with your independent agent to provide you the best insurance coverage possible at a reasonable cost. Your agent's expertise, matched with Central's innovative products and services, has satisfied clients' needs for over 140 years.

Where We Operate
Central remains based in Van Wert and operates regional offices in Boston, Atlanta and Dallas with satellite offices in Columbus, Ohio and Salt Lake City, Utah. Because we are based in a small community, we know the importance of personal, friendly service. Therefore, we aim to carefully select only the best independent agents who will provide our policyholders with exceptional customer service.

What We Believe
An insurance policy is essentially nothing more than a promise to pay for covered losses that occur to your assets. At Central, we take this promise seriously, from the minute you accept the policy, to the moment a loss occurs, and beyond. We will work with your independent insurance agent to not only meet your insurance needs, but provide you continuous quality service as long as you are a Central policyholder.

Central's Culture
Central Insurance Companies embraces a culture based on our core values of integrity, relationships, and excellence. These values define who we are and what we do, as individuals and as a company.

The Value of Central
The value of being a Central employee includes more than our compensation and benefits. There are several other factors that demonstrate the Value of Central:

Responsibilities, Standards and Measurements Program
Our Responsibilities, Standards, and Measurements Program answers three important questions for the employee:

What is my job?
What results are expected?
How will my efforts be measured?
With result-oriented responsibilities identified and expected results outlined, managers and supervisors are able to measure performance objectively and compensate employees equitably.

Advancement Policy
Central takes pride in its policy of advancing qualified employees from within its organization to positions of higher responsibility. We have constant need for people who have the ability and desire to assume increased responsibilities. Our job opportunity program informs employees about open positions. The qualifications and duties are listed so employees can compare their skills and experience with those needed for the posted positions.

Performance Evaluation
Our performance appraisal program focuses on how well each employee performs the responsibilities of his or her job, not on personal attributes or characteristics. It provides employees and their supervisors with a formal way to discuss current job performance and mutually-agreed upon goals for improvement. It provides management with an objective way to reward employee achievement.

Salary Administration
The primary objective of Central's salary administration program is to attract, motivate, and retain the most highly-qualified individuals available to staff our company. Starting salaries are determined by specific responsibilities and qualifications, and salary progress is determined by individual performance and growth.