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Anticipated Special Education Coordinator/ Intervention Specialist


▪ Working with special needs students to ensure education success
▪ Assist instructors in the development and modification of curriculum and instructional strategies
▪ Develop and write Individual Evaluation Plans (IEPs)
▪ Serve as a liaison to home school personnel and those people involved with providing services
▪ Tutoring


▪ Bachelor’s Degree in Education
▪ Appropriate State of Ohio certification/ Intervention Specialist licensure
▪ Familiarity with the development, implementation, and evaluation of IEP’s
▪ Flexibility to work with various schedules in multiple settings
▪ Ability to work with peers and colleagues, including associate school personnel, in team efforts
▪ Successful experience working with multiple levels of personnel including administrators, counselors, teachers, parents, and students
▪ Skills in technology use related to instruction and essential tasks
▪ Demonstrated ability to work with students of wide-ranging abilities preferred
▪ Understanding of career and technical program offerings
▪ Understanding of the needs of students who are cognitively disabled, multi-handicapped or autistic
▪ Must have work experience with special needs students
▪ Must possess good organizational, management, and communication skills
▪ Must be familiar with the IEP process and special education laws


Per negotiated contract

Vantage Career Center