Braun Industries

Braun Industries

At Braun Industries, Inc., building custom handcrafted ambulances isn’t just a business but a way of life. For 42 years, our company has been family-owned and operated. Transitioning from generation to generation, we have passed on our accumulated knowledge, experience, and skills to become a leading ambulance manufacturer. The result is a company that knows where it has been and where they are going.

Now under the leadership of the third generation, we are continuing our commitment to deliver the finest quality emergency vehicles, “Built for Life”. When you purchase an ambulance from Braun Industries, Inc., you know who you are buying from. Dedication to the Braun name and reputation can be found behind every ambulance we build.

Our Keys to Success

  • Long-term Customer Relationships
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Unique Innovations

We value long-term customer relationships.

You may be surprised to learn that long-term customer relationships are the most important thing we build at Braun. We understand that purchasing a new ambulance is a big undertaking for any private or public organization. We aim to guide you smoothly through the design/build process and ensure that all your needs and wants are met. Working with your Braun ambulance dealer and our in-house team, we keep an open line of communication with you and ensure you are engaged from start to finish. When your emergency vehicle is done, you will feel like part of the Braun family, which we are very proud of!

Quality is our top priority.

Braun Industries, Inc. has strategically chosen to lead with quality in a world where most businesses compete on cost. Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of your patient and crew; we commit to quality to ensure our emergency vehicles are some of the safest on the road. In fact, we are a Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) for Ford’s quality program. Through our unique build process, we design and manufacture your ambulance on-site in our 105,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, part of a larger Braun Campus. Our quality assurance team performs a road test and works off an 800-point inspection list to ensure your emergency vehicle is completed to your specifications. When we say a Braun ambulance is “Built for Life,” we mean it.

We never stop innovating.

As technology advances faster and faster, we understand just how critical it is to enhance our products to match its pace. Over time, our unique innovations have helped set Braun Industries, Inc. apart as a leading ambulance manufacturer, and we won’t stop in the future. Our Solid Body Construction, EZ Glide Door, MasterTech IV, and E-Z 02 Lift are all examples of our pursuit of the leading edge. As we introduce innovations, we hope they will have an even more significant impact on the emergency services industry. As an EMS Top Pick for product innovation for the last several years, we are certainly up for the challenge.

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