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AI for Business

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Enter the world of Artificial Intelligence in business! Discover the transformative potential of AI and its impact on your company. Delve into the ever-evolving landscape of AI capabilities, exploring its applications and implications for businesses.  Gain valuable resources to kickstart your AI journey and navigate the changes it brings to your workforce and operations.

Job Quest


About The Event

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Education on Location

Education on Location

“Education on Location has helped me reflect on my teaching practices and provided me with an increased awareness of how I can connect my students with the local business community and help better prepare them for productive careers.”
– A recent participant
About The Event

Education on Local is an annual weeklong program facilitated by VWAEDC with the Business Advisory Council for local (preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school) educators to acquire continuing education. This Ashland University-sanctioned course offers continuing education units required by the Ohio Department of Education + optional credit hours toward a degree.

The week’s goal was to enlighten teachers with local career opportunities for their students. By touring numerous Van Wert County businesses, the attendees gain insight into the products + services of local companies. More importantly, they earn an understanding of the vast number of local jobs for engineers, medical professionals, skilled trades, logistics, and lab scientists. The desired outcome is that teachers use this information to enlighten + prepare students as they journey toward a successful career.

Educators learn about the “soft skills” employers desire. Dependability, Customer Service, Communication, and Critical Thinking are among the top traits employers say they need for the success and longevity of their employees.

Required from the attendees was a write-up of takeaways + how educators will apply the information in the classroom.