Career Connections of Van Wert County

Career Connections of Van Wert County

Career Connections is a non-profit agency whose mission and purpose are to:

 Financial Literacy:
(1)  promote an understanding of personal finances to manage money responsibly and create a
strong foundation for financial independence
(2)  promote practical money management skills that will help to create and develop a strong

 Economic Education:
(1)  create an awareness of the principles, concepts, and factors affecting daily living standards
(2)  understand the global economy and foster an entrepreneurial spirit within students

 Career Readiness:
(1) promote the training of students to improve or develop their personal
and/or workplace capabilities.
(2)  provide access to community business leaders to mentor and share skillsets critical for success
(3)  create diverse and knowledgeable students who become productive members of the local economy

Our Available Jobs

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