Kalmbach Swine Management

Kalmbach Swine Management

A member of the Kalmbach Feeds family, Kalmbach Swine Management (KSM) is the leading pork producer in Ohio. We entered the industry in 1985 by purchasing a 600-head farrow to finish operation in Circleville. Through innovative management and dedicated teamwork, we have expanded our operations to include fourteen farrow-to-wean sow units housing over 30,000 animals. Aside from our Circleville location, our farms are primarily distributed throughout western Ohio from Bryan to Marysville.

We are a company whose primary focus is to maximize production and lower costs to produce safe, wholesome pork with an emphasis on animal welfare. We utilize innovative management strategies, comprehensive training programs, and emerging technologies to accomplish this goal. We pride ourselves as a management team that fosters an environment of integrated decision-making and provides all the tools necessary to lead the industry in production and efficiency.

As we continue to grow our operation, we are always looking for intelligent, hardworking, and innovative individuals who can join our team and maintain the success we have enjoyed as a company.

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