KAM Manufacturing Inc

KAM Manufacturing Inc

Kim Adams started a sewing operation in her family’s garage in rural Northwest Ohio in 1984. The business was established to manufacture quilted handbags for a startup company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, called Vera Bradley Designs. As Vera Bradley grew their business, Kim also grew her manufacturing operation to keep them supplied with handbags. The popularity of Vera Bradley bags increased slowly at first, but steadily, and as their sales grew, so did Kim’s sewing operation. Over the years, the sewing operation that started with two employees grew to over 200 people. Her business name was officially changed to KAM Manufacturing Inc. in 1988. KAM moved several times to more significant buildings that would handle the growing business. 1999, KAM built a new facility in Vision Industrial Park in Van Wert, Ohio.

After a 25-year relationship, in 2008, the board of directors at Vera Bradley decided to move 90% of the handbag production to China. KAM was disappointed with their decision, but looking back on a beautiful 25-year relationship made simply with a handshake is something our family will always be very proud of. KAM played a significant role in transforming Vera Bradley into a $400 million company that went from a privately held company to a publicly traded one. KAM produced nearly 15 million handbags for Vera Bradley over 25 years.

After the relationship with Vera Bradley ended, our family decided to come out with our handbag line. Stephanie Dawn’s handbag line was successfully launched in late 2008. Since then, we have seen steady growth with our handbag line with our online sales and close to 750 retailers across the country handling our Stephanie Dawn line. KAM is also producing products for other companies as well. It is important to note that, even with our bar and the contract work, we still have a great deal of manufacturing capacity. KAM always seeks opportunities to partner with companies needing high-volume, high-quality manufactured products. KAM has produced products for other companies, such as children’s clothes and beachwear, projects for Limited Express Company, military work, etc.

KAM is a family-owned business, with each family member having different skills and job duties, which adds to the strength and diversification of the company.

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