Tekni Plex

Tekni Plex

Tekni-Plex is building a new state of the art fiber manufacturing facility and we expect to be operational by early 2024. We are thrilled to partner with the Van Wert community & schools as we create new employment opportunities.

At Tekni-Plex, our approach to sustainability goes beyond products.  It is a mindset and it is our commitment to continually rethink what i t means to provide responsible packaging for our customers, their consumbers, and the planet.

Key Accountabilities:

Be Safe: Ensure safety requirements are met & ensure diverse, respectful workplace conditions are adhered to for an overall “safe workplace.” 

Empower People: Attract, embrace, and empower people. Maintain structure of skilled staffing level to accomplish warehouse department mission. Directly supervise, coach, mentor, & develop quality team, driving & adhering to a “We Grow People” approach to training/growth/development. 

 Accelerate Innovation: Understand business needs & goals and transform ideas into action.  

Optimize Our Work:  Observe/evaluate concerns and opportunities in processes, procedures and/or systems.  

Win as a Team: Drive plant standards, procedures and program plans for achieving and maintaining the required level of product quality, reliability, and functional validity.

Drive Customer Value Meet or exceed customer expectations. 

Our Available Jobs

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