Thomas Edison Center

Thomas Edison Center

Thomas Edison is a non profit,  private provider,  who provides services to adult individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. 

We provide Day Services, Vochab Services, Non Medical Transportation and Homemaker Personal Care services.  Thomas Edison is committed to provide the best services to the individuals we serve.  Our mission is to increase opportunities for individuals to learn, live and work in the community.  We are also certified in Career Planning, Individual Employment Support and Group Employment.  

Thomas Edison is focused on community involvment.  Training on job skills, finding jobs, provide job coaching, and follow along is the Vochab part of our program.   We encourage and promote volunteer work and  are very committed to helping the individual seek community employment. 

Our Day services consists of doing activities with the individuals such as crafts, taking small trips into the community, and whatever they choose to do.  We strive on making the most meaningful  day for them. 

Homemaker personal care is helping the inidividual with anything they need in the community and at home like shopping, cleaning and home care.  They also go on outings of their choice. 

Non Medical Transportation means we are the individuals’ wheels.  We take individuals to and from work and to all appointments or whever they need to go.

Our Available Jobs

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