Van Wert Counseling Offices

Van Wert Counseling Offices

Van Wert Counseling is a private practice counseling service located in Northwest Ohio. At Van Wert Counseling, we work hard to provide a place where individuals can go to share and explore concerns or struggles in a safe, confidential space with one of our trusted counselors. We offer a variety of therapeutic options, as well as marriage, family and individual counseling.

What makes Van Wert Counseling different from other practices? Our staff and counselors have almost a combined 100 years of counseling experience. Our goal is to provide the best possible service in order to help transform lives, heal relationships and build better communities.


We recognize and respect the dignity and privacy of each person seeking our services.

We employ the highest standards of professionalism and compassion at all times.

We continually seek out best practices in order to more effectively serve those we work with.

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