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Equine Program Coordinator


The Equine Program Coordinator will oversee the administrative and collaborative aspects of the Equine-Assisted Learning program. This individual will play a crucial role in promoting collaboration among team members, building relationships with community partners, consumers, and supporters, and ensuring the successful implementation of our programs. This position does not involve clinical supervision but focuses on administrative oversight and program development.

Essential Duties

Ÿ  Administrative Oversight:

o   Provide administrative leadership and supervision to program staff, ensuring effective coordination of program activities and adherence to organizational policies and procedures.

o   Oversee program budgeting, financial management, and resource allocation in collaboration with the executive team.

o   Develop and implement program evaluation strategies to assess program effectiveness and outcomes, and make data-informed decisions to drive program improvement.

o   Review reports and other necessary documentation by staff personnel relative to services.

Ÿ  Collaborative Leadership:

o   Cultivate a culture of collaboration and teamwork among program staff, encouraging open communication, mutual support, and shared decision-making.

o   Coordinate with clinical supervisor to ensure alignment between program goals and clinical objectives as well as conduct annual performance evaluations for Equine program staff.

o   Facilitate regular team meetings, trainings, and professional development opportunities to enhance team cohesion and skill development.

o   Assist, as needed, in facilitating equine-assisted learning interventions with clients in a flexible capacity.

Ÿ  Community Engagement:

o   Develop and maintain partnerships with community organizations, schools, mental health agencies, and other stakeholders to expand program reach and impact.

o   Represent the organization at community events, conferences, and meetings to promote awareness of our programs and build relationships with potential partners and supporters.

o   Provide educational activities/trainings for the community and agency.

Ÿ  Consumer Relations:

o   Cultivate relationships with program participants and their families, ensuring their needs and concerns are addressed in a timely and compassionate manner.

o   Solicit feedback from consumers to inform program improvement efforts and ensure that services are responsive to their needs and preferences.

Ÿ  Must be accessible via agency cell phone.


Supervisory Responsibilities

Ÿ  Coordinates day-to-day operations and evaluates integrity of services provided by Barn Manager, Equine Specialists, Case Managers, and Equine Counselors.

Ÿ  All clinical services provided in the Equine department will be supervised by the Clinical Supervisor.

Ÿ  Will complete annual performance evaluations for Barn Managers and Equine Specialists

Ÿ  Will collaborate with the clinical supervisor to complete annual performance evaluations for Equine Counselors and Equine Case Managers


Ÿ  Maintain a weekly/bi-weekly supervision schedule with The Clinical Supervisor and Executive Director of Child and Family Services as needed.

Ÿ  Maintain license (if applicable) and appropriate continuing education requirements.

Ÿ  Participate in required administrative meetings.

Ÿ  Complete documentation responsibilities thoroughly and timely.

Ÿ  Participate in all regulatory/policy-required training activities.

Ÿ  Utilize supervision or consultation with other professionals in the field as required or needed.

  • Foster an environment that supports the recovery of persons served.

Ÿ  Model appropriate interpersonal relationships with co-workers, particularly in the presence of youth and family members. This includes conflict resolution, mutual support, and teamwork.


Education/Credentials/Experience Requirements

·        Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, education, equine management, or related field (Master’s degree preferred).

·        Minimum of two years of experience in conducting equine-assisted interventions in a therapeutic environment.

·        Strong leadership and supervisory skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate a diverse team of staff.

·        Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build and maintain relationships with consumers and stakeholders.

Physical Requirements, Working Conditions

·       Work is physically moderate to heavy in nature, with some travel requirements.

·       The job requires some moderate activity of walking across campus, working outdoors with youth, and climbing stairs in multi-floor buildings.

·       Stress/Pressure is moderate to heavy.

·       Regularly undergo/pass a BCI record check as required.

·       Moderate to high exposure to infectious diseases.

·       Requires standing, walking, sitting, reaching, twisting, bending, stretching.

·       Requires normal range vision, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity.


Ÿ  Technical writing skills

Ÿ  Excellent Communication skills

Ÿ  Variety of Therapeutic Techniques

Ÿ  Teamwork, coordination, sound decision, leadership, conflict resolution, cooperation, models positive approach, professional boundaries, willingness to learn, and time management

Ÿ  Child and Family Advocacy

Ÿ  Must be able to type, average computer skills, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel

Ÿ  Texting

Ÿ  Solution focused Problem Solving


Pay is based upon education and experience and may be negotiable.  Refer to the Personnel Policy Manual regarding benefits such as vacation, sick time, disability, etc.

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