Ridgeview Behavioral Hospital
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Administers prescribed medication and nursing treatment to patients in accordance with the treatment programs and records occurrences in the patient’s record.

Assists in developing the education program in the areas of health maintenance, grooming, and medication management, and implements these programs in individual or group sessions.

Serves as a role model and interacts with patients in shaping more effective social and personal values; assists in maintaining excellent standards of patient care and in managing inappropriate patent behavior.

Participates in the therapeutic programs and other activities involving physical therapy.

Participates in in-service programs and orientation of new employees and MHTs in delivering nursing care in assisting patients with their daily living activities.

Observes patient’s behavior, makes observations and Progress Notes and otherwise maintains the physical and emotional well-being of all patients.Assists in maintaining proper use and storage of all supplies, equipment, etc.

Performs other duties related to the delivery of the treatment program and quality patient care.

Analyzes pertinent clinical data from patients and other relevant sources; achieves good initial rapport with patients; effectively gathers clinical data in a timely fashion.

Utilizes appropriate verbal and observational techniques.

Data includes relevant physiological and psychosocial information.

Develops therapeutic relationships with patients and significant other; creates an atmosphere which facilitates disclosure and active participation in the therapeutic process; actively works to achieve patients’ trust; facilitates patient awareness of their internal resources for coping.

Utilize therapeutic verbal and non-verbal techniques.

Utilizes clinically sound repertoire of psychotherapeutic nursing interventions.

Consistently participates in goal-oriented interactions with patients.

Seeks to decrease patient symptomology through effective limit setting, reality orientation, redirection, confrontation, etc.; demonstrates effective crisis intervention skills as indicated; reinforces healthy patient behaviors; promotes health expression of thoughts and feelings.

Consistently chooses interventions which are compatible with the therapeutic relationship established between the nurse and the patient; creatively motivates patients to participate in the therapeutic process.

Utilizes knowledge of medications (psychotropic and other) in the treatment process; actively serves as a knowledge resource to patients and staff regarding medications; collaborates in the evaluation of the patients’ medication regime; appropriately utilizes PRN medication.; recognizes and appropriately responds to medication related problems/issues (side effects, laboratory results, etc).

Shows ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner.Displays knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles.                                                   

Demonstrates ability to work with others.

Adapts to changing situations or work assignments.

Demonstrates willingness to rotate to other areas of hospital within the limits of preparation and skill level.

Conforms to uniform and dress code, personal hygiene and good grooming.

Wears and properly display name badge.       

Positively responds to guidance or counseling and attempts to benefit by it.

Adept in identifying potential problems within the department and seeks management guidance                        

Demonstrates excellent organizational skills and originator of new ideas and methods.

Use verbal and non-verbal communication with others, i.e., courtesy, tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, etc.

Maintain confidentiality.

Participate in continuing educational programs as prescribed by hospital policy, as well as attendance to hospital and department staff meetings per department policy.


Knowledge of program policies and procedures, patient care standards, pharmacology   and emergency/unusual incident/restraining procedures.

Knowledge of safety standards and emergency care procedures.

Knowledge of specific techniques of intervention

Skill in using nursing procedures, equipment and supplies; in effectively using common   

Ability to effectively intervene with confused, disoriented or agitated patients.

Ability to promote ADL care for patients that is specific to their physiological needs.

Ability to solve practical problems and emergencies without undue emotional excitement or panic; to use good judgment; flexibility and empathy in interacting appropriately with patients; and ability to express a positive attitude in the delivery of patient care.

Ability to provide effective training and instruction to staff members; to relate a cooperative flexible attitude in contact with all staff members; and to display sound  physical and psychological health.

Career LevelLicensed LPN in the State of Ohio

Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance after 60 days of employment

$15,000 life insurance policy at no cost to any full time employee

401K after 1 year of employment

PTO/Sick time Accrual

New Competitive wages and advancement opportunities

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