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Registered Nurse


Analyzes pertinent clinical data from patients and other relevant resources; achieves good initial rapport with patients; effectively gathers clinical data in a timely fashion; utilizes appropriate verbal and observational techniques; data includes relevant physiological and psychosocial information.

Develops therapeutic relationships with patients and significant others; Creates an atmosphere which facilitates disclosure and active participation in the therapeutic process; actively works to achieve patients’ trust; facilitates patient awareness of their internal resources for coping; utilizes therapeutic verbal and non verbal techniques.

Provides appropriate nursing care to assist patients in meeting Maslow’s Level I needs; consistently makes pertinent observations regarding patients’ physiological status; appropriately addresses variances from physiological norms; as indicated, accurately monitors vital bodily functions; assists with ADLs as indicated.

Responds appropriately to physiological emergencies.

 Adequately ensures the safety of all patients; identifies patients at risk and intervenes preventatively.

 Demonstrates sound clinical skills in addressing patients who are exhibiting behaviors which threaten the safety of themselves or others.  Utilizes clinically sound repertoire of psychotherapeutic nursing interventions.

Consistently participates in goal-oriented interactions with patients; seeks to decrease patient symptomology through effective limit-setting, reality orientation, redirection, confrontation, etc.; demonstrates effective crisis intervention skills as indicated; reinforces healthy patient behaviors; promotes healthy expression of thoughts and feelings.

 Consistently chooses interventions which are compatible with the therapeutic relationship established between the nurse and the patient; creatively motivates patients to participate in the therapeutic process.

 Utilizes knowledge of medications (psychotropic and other) in the treatment process; actively serves as a knowledgeable resource to other staff regarding patient medications; collaborates in the evaluation of the patients’ medication regime; appropriately utilizes PRN medication; recognizes and appropriately responds to medication-related problems/issues (side-effects, laboratory results, etc.)

 Participates in the health/wellness education of patients; Identifies health education needs of individual patients; Actively pursues opportunities to conduct both individual and group patient education; provides opportunities for patients to learn experientially; promotes patient independence through health teaching.

 Participates as a vital member of the multi-disciplinary treatment team.

Clearly and consistently communicates with other team members.

Provides concise and meaningful shift reports

Appropriately collaborates with and utilizes other resources to resolve treatment issues; consistently participates in the support treatment program development; appropriately represents nursing perspective to others.  

Functions as an effective nursing leader on the unit; effectively models attitudes and behaviors which positively impact on patient care and staff morale; consistently provides support and direction to staff; utilizes good judgment in assigning patient care to other staff; effectively demonstrates sound and creative decision-making and problem-solving; effectively and efficiently utilizes available resources; consistently assumes teaching role to develop skills of other nursing staff.

Performs relevant routine clinical nursing tasks such as medication and treatment administration, transcribing physician orders, vital signs, etc.; consistently and accurately administers medications; consistently and accurately transcribes physicians orders; accurately completes all forms (Nursing Assessment, Problems List, Treatment Plan, Progress Notes, etc.) in a timely fashion; Accurately completes all relevant hospital forms (Incident Reports, Acuity Worksheets, Transfer Forms, Medication Sheets, etc.) in a  timely fashion; utilizes documentation of other staff to develop more comprehensive understanding of patients.

Administers nursing care in compliance with relevant governing statutes and guidelines (JCAHO, Nursing Practice Act, ANA Standards, etc.); follows established hospital policies and procedures; consistently applies knowledge of appropriate standards (ANA, JCAHO); laws and guidelines collaborates with appropriate team members in the utilization of resources/agencies.

Actively contributes to the development of the Registered Nurse role within the department and the hospital; actively partic


Current License as an RN.

Knowledge of program policies and procedures, patient care standards, pharmacology   and emergency/unusual incident/restraining procedures.

Knowledge of safety standards and emergency care procedures.

Knowledge of specific techniques of intervention

Skill in using nursing procedures, equipment and supplies; in effectively using common   

Ability to effectively intervene with confused, disoriented or agitated patients.

Ability to promote ADL care for patients that is specific to their physiological needs.

Ability to solve practical problems and emergencies without undue emotional excitement or panic; to use good judgment; flexibility and empathy in interacting appropriately with patients; and ability to express a positive attitude in the delivery of patient care.

Ability to provide effective training and instruction to staff members; to relate a cooperative flexible attitude in contact with all staff members; and to display sound physical and psychological health.

Career LevelLicensed RN in the State of Ohio

Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance after 60 days of employment

$15,000 life insurance policy at no cost to any full time employee

401K after 1 year of employment

PTO/Sick time Accrual

Competitive wages and advancement opportunities

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